Where To Start Learning Wire Wrapping

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Generally speaking, wire wrapping is the art of wrapping one long length of thin wire around one or more pieces of thicker wire to create different forms. Wires can be bent, beads or cabochons added and the weaving technique varied to create limitless design possibilities. It’s a wonderful hobby to learn and one that you can start out doing with … Read More

Forays Into Silversmithing

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During May and June, my husband and I took a brief course in silversmithing at Warwickshire College. For two hours a week over seven weeks, we learned a variety of beginners techniques including the basics of soldering, texturing on metal and making rings. I have to admit to having taken the course before but it was several years ago now … Read More

Finding My Style

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When I first started out making jewellery, it was very definitely a hobby for me. It was a means of getting away from the hustle and bustle of work – a means to relax and to express myself at the same time. I was learning all sorts of techniques at the time from magazines such as Bead and Button and … Read More