Going Wholesale

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Just before Christmas I was fortunate enough to get my first wholesale order. It was an exciting experience, if a little stressful at times because it was my first big order and one that I really didn’t want to mess up! The order was for 14 pieces in sterling silver, two each of seven original designs. I normally work in … Read More

Which Wire Gauge Should I Use In My Jewellery Project?

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Which Wire Gauge

The gauge of a wire determines its thickness. In this article, I cover the most popular gauges used in wire jewellery making and how they might be used together to create different structures and textures within your jewellery. The most popular gauge measurement system for jewellery making is the American Wire Gauge, otherwise known as the Brown and Sharpe wire … Read More

Finding My Style

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When I first started out making jewellery, it was very definitely a hobby for me. It was a means of getting away from the hustle and bustle of work – a means to relax and to express myself at the same time. I was learning all sorts of techniques at the time from magazines such as Bead and Button and … Read More