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Just before Christmas I was fortunate enough to get my first wholesale order. It was an exciting experience, if a little stressful at times because it was my first big order and one that I really didn’t want to mess up!

The order was for 14 pieces in sterling silver, two each of seven original designs. I normally work in copper so the step up to silver was quite daunting. Forunately, I found the silver wire very easy to work with and very similar to copper. I’m sure I read somewhere that silver wire can break or get kinks more easily but I didn’t find this to be the case. If anything, the silver was easier to work with. The final result was a successful order that I fulfilled ahead of schedule featuring the pieces shown below.

wholesale silver jewellery

If you are a handmade jewellery seller and are interested in any of the items you see here then please contact me for a price list. To anyone thinking of going the wholesale route then I thoroughly recommend it. You will probably need to sell your items at less than half of retail cost (so make sure you are still in profit by doing this) but it’s a lovely feeling to have an instant order for so many pieces at once that might otherwise have taken a while to sell online or through markets.

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One Comment on “Going Wholesale”

  1. Interesting designs and looks as though they have been expertly converted into some beautiful pieces. Will watch with interest to see your future designs.

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